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Brief history of the college

A Brief History of the College

The Institute of Electrical Information is an emerging college that combines electrical science and technology and management education.

Founded in the Republic of China in August 94, including

    Industrial Engineering (including Shuo, Ph.D.),

    Electronic engineering (including Shuo, Ph.D.),

    Information Engineering (including Master's) and

    Electrical engineering (including Shu, Ph.D. class) and other four departments.


The department was originally affiliated with the Faculty of Engineering.Each department has been founded for more than 40 years:

Industrial Engineering (Min 53), Electronic Engineering (Min 55), Information Engineering (Min 62), Electrical Engineering (Min 61).

As early as the school's predecessor, the Central Plains Institute of Technology era, the various departments and to combine theory and practice.

To train professional ability and professionalism of countless talents, for Taiwan's economic development has contributed a lot.

That is, for the community to affirm, and in the 98th and 99th academic years have set up the Electrical Information Institute of bachelor's degree and communication engineering master's degree course.

The Bachelor's degree in artificial intelligence applications also officially began enrolling students in the 107th academic year.

Department of Industrial Engineering 53 years of the Republic of China to create the Department of Electronic Engineering 55 years to create the Republic of China 55 years to create the Department of Electrical Engineering 62 years to create the Department of Electrical Engineering 61 years of the Republic of China to create the Electrical Information College Bachelor's Class 98 years of the Republic of China to create a master's degree in communications engineering 99 years of the creation of artificial intelligence bachelor's degree in applied studies The Republic of China 107 years to create

Key features

Academy Features

First, the departments of the Department are based on the combination of theory and practice as the appeal, in addition to the special experiments and internships to strengthen the ability to work on the topic, and with professional lectures to expand the horizons of students;

Second, the three departments of the Department of Electrical Sciences of the Department of Electrical Sciences, with a high degree of commonality, and industrial engineering departments, and highly complementary; In the National Institute of Electricity is unique, in the world is also a rare sight.

Third, the Institute in the Department of Industrial Engineering to promote creative thinking and problem-solving education has been based for many years, alumni of various departments have accumulated a wealth of entrepreneurial success experience, is to further develop creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship of the "three-creative education model" of the excellent base.

Four departments of the whole hospital have obtained international engineering education certification.For the country's only all colleges to obtain international certification of the college.

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