Educated under “reverence to God, love for country, respect for work and fellowmen, and advocating simplicity” and among the educational philosophy “We respect the dignity of nature and of humanity, and we seek to promote harmony between the Creator, oneself, all other human beings”, COE is thus encouraged to continue the cultivation of such outstanding pragmatic engineering talents to undergraduates and graduates and enrich them with the courses design through professional curriculums, General Education, hands-on practice experience and life attentive culture. Afterwards, by the International Engineering Education Accreditation process, COE accomplishes its goal in training students with international vision and competency, professionalism, career- esteem, people-friendly working attitude as well as life-concern sympathy into modern engineer.



東京大學工學院大久保達院長及霜垣幸浩教授於2019年6月1日蒞校參訪及學術交流,安排參觀本校新落成知行領航館暨工業4.0示範基地,該館融合時下最夯的物聯網、雲端平台、大數據、3D列印、智慧製造和人工智慧等工業4.0的軟硬體核心技術,除了各項技術的研發空間和智慧製造示範場域外,更有產品展示空間、電腦培訓室及產學合作服務與創業育成空間等,是目前國內大專院校中規劃最完整的示範和服務場域。 上一篇 下一篇

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About Engineering


Ever since the founding of the Chung Yuan Christian Science and Engineering College in 1955, two engineering departments, Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering, were established. And the engineering programs have been the largest component in University teaching as well as in research. In 1980, the Chung Yuan Christian SE College became a University and College of Engineering grew up to have nine departments until August 2005 and four departments spun off to be College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EE&CS). Now, the College of Engineering comprises five departments including Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Department of Bioenvironmental Engineering (2004),renamed to Environmental Engineering in 2015. Except for Environmental Engineering having master’s degree, the others have graduate programs in both master`s degree and a Ph.D. degree. Furthermore, Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Department of Biomedical Engineering also have the evening executive master`s programs available for those who are working in the industry.

In addition, COE is the first college in Taiwan to have its departments and graduate schools undergone Engineering Education Accreditation by the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET), and received accreditation certificates. More recently, all five departments have initiated DIGS program for foreign students and multi-channels in international exchange, short communication as well as summer camp learning, etc..



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